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he's gettin that.

Good for the Wizards. At least they won something, and, not gonna lie, I’ve been looking for a reason to get on board with a DC-based team (plus I already have a Wizards fitted), and the other alternatives can’t/won’t do:


Seriously???  Like, seriously??  DC’s one “claim to fame” (as far as sports go – I mean, we have Wale) gets out there and just fucks it up.  For some reason I can’t get on  board with hockey.  I mean.  I like the guys fighting each other?  But, overall, any game that involves very few scores, yet lots of back and forth is rull boring (sorry, soccer).


Actually looking better this season, probably because they were finally able to scrounge up enough money to pay for their number one draft pick, but regardless, baseball still bores me, I’m in love with Kevin Youkilis, and I know who pitches for the Reds.  I’ll definitely go to a game with the work tickets though, because who doesn’t like to sit outside and jeer at players while having beer brought to your seat?


EW.  Mcnabb is a cute old man though, so I’ll go to a game or two. (cheering for the Viqueens and the Giants, of course).


Eh. I mean, they’re an American soccer team, but the games are pretty awesome to go to (mostly because they’re cheap and the Screaming Eagles are probably the most entertaining fans ever – besides the Hokies’ ones of course), and soccer boys are RULL hot.

the one.

As I hung my Gilbert Arenas mask on my bulletin board in my new room (which is beyond amazing, by the way, although it is probably best suited for a child between the age of 4 and 10 that wishes she lived in the land before time and/or very much needs a fairy princess jewelry box), I remembered the good days, when the Wizards looked like they had a chance to obtain mediocrity, at the least.  But, big surprise – I was let down, because silly ‘bert decided to bring MULTIPLE guns to store in the locker room and then, instead of apologizing and acting mature with regards to the situation, pretended to shoot all of his teammates and had them fall backwards in a pre-game cheer.  (I would LOVE to have a picture of this as a poster, so uh, yeah, if you’re one of the one people that reads this, get me that please, kthxbai).  So, bert is out, sentenced to I don’t even remember like ah day in prison and some time in a halfway house?  Don’t know.  Don’t care.  The Wizards finish out their season almost dead last (luckily the nets set the bar pretty low).  But with a 10.7% chance, the Wizards’ luck turned around as they won the 1st draft pick in the lottery.  Barring Michael Jordan busting in and drafting Kwame 2.0, John Wall is most likely going to be trekking up to DC.

I don’t know if I’m more excited for the team having potential (Wall + Arenas  is gonna be TIGHT), or just the fact that ERRYBODY in DC is going to do the John Wall next season, but I plan on obtaining a majority of my work’s courtside tickets so that I can participate (and try to touch kobe, kwame, paul pierce, and NOT lebron james).  Hopefully the creepers that get the seats next to us move or get tired of basketball and start following alternative sports, otherwise I’m always going to have to take faux-boyfriends as dates (my little brother didn’t help AT ALL), because i’m really not trying to get sexually propositioned again.  When the time comes, I’ll post a bodyguard sign-up sheet or something.

Peace out bitches,


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