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sweet dee drops knowledge all over everybody's ass.

wrap your minds around this.

he looks like a crier.

definitely translates to douche.

maybe too coordinated.

how can he see me?!

oh hai, new panthers’ quarterback.

What? My name is Larry David. I enjoy wearing women's underwear.

numba 1.

i can ride my bike with no handlebars. and pretty much naked.

"i just don't know how you girls are riding with shirts on"


I mean. he just wants to watch the game. in his hawaiian shirts. and leather (most likely oiled) cap.

happy birthday, america.

this hat is just too good.

the tro is for poor people.

matchy matchy.

where’s the goddamn protein, ma?!

i wish i could claim this as one of my childhood photos.

amurica, fuck yeah.

i own 10 suits.

nothing about this is okay.

wireless enabled xbox 360 + headset + travel tv + starbucks = fail.

and it’s not even pride day.

epic pic taken by nick on his way to work this morning. yay, droid camera!

we did it, ma!

Not only did the marker not conceal their identities AT ALL, as it was permanent, made them pretty easily recognizable in a line up. smartest robbers ever? Probably. The one on the right looks like he might be attractive without all that shit all over his face.


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