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sweet dee drops knowledge all over everybody's ass.

wrap your minds around this.

amy and I (after a few drinks) have decided to do a live blog (similar to jason chen’s) about the effects of four loko, but because drinking a loko is enjoyable, easy, and not really something to blog about.  we’ll also be adding to the challenge by playing kinect for the duration of the loko-drinking.

we have 2 lokos (1 watermelon and 1 lemonade) and we’re starting with kinect sports.  oh yeah, we also had a giant pile of nachos for dinner.  let’s do this.

6:57 – amy takes her first sip of each of the lokos, decides to give me the lemonade one.

6:58 – we turn on the kinect.

6:59 – the lemonade one tastes terrible. amy says her’s tastes like a jolly rancher. fuck amy.

7:01 – my stomach is on fire. we haven’t even started playing. first game – bowling.

7:03 – i’ve realized a live blog is only interesting if you have followers.  we’re gonna keep doing it though.

7:07 – ill.

7:11 – time to switch lokos. burping is yucky.

7:17 – volleyball was a bad choice. amy has drank significantly more than me. wtf.

7:26 – seriously, shoppybag, why are people still clicking on that?

7:33 – now soccer, ugh, why am i still writing this?

7:40 – Even though Amy had played soccer her whole life, Alison manages to beat her 6-1. Maybe, it is due to the fact that Amy has drank most of her Four Loco  and Alison has not..

7:47 – amy is just jealous.

7:55 – i weeeen.

7:56 – approximately 11 oz. remain.

7:57 – amy says “hi”, steve.

7:58-Amy is feeling the full effect of three martinis, paid by the company, and the Four Locos that she has consumed for the first time. Her performance is decreasing at a rapid pace. She scored One point on a game that is averaged of 15+ points. FAIL>

8:01 – you can tell who is posting based on the capitalization and lack of periods.

8:04 – seriously though. this four loko is delicious.

8:09 – i’m sweaty and tired. fuck.

8:12 – is this acid reflux?

8:15 – kinect means i’ll never have to go outside again.

8:21 – we only have one chair.

8:30 – delay of game – amy and i are having a lifer.

8:36 – tyler is here!!

8:42: game on bitches

8:47 – eeeeeeee.

8:53 – i should start a website called “things amy says when we’re drinking four loko and playing kinect and talking about things”  epic. would  anyone read it?

8:56 – 2 0z. to go. this tastes like aluminum.

9:22 – i have the worst hiccups of my life. fml.

9:29 – tyler went with the watermelon (tyler is now typing) and i have turned into a bowling champion? slash creating bowling league monday.  team name? pinheads perhaps? now table tennis:)

9:35 – third loko opened.

9:53 – is this real life?

9:54 – OHEMGEE. no hiccups. where are my roooooomates?

10:00 – “do you not own a mirror?”

10:08 – eating is cheating.

10:31 – “why buy an ottoman when you could buy a horse?”  why aren’t we out yet?

10:34 – i miss mike hodges.

10:39 – amy is a conspiracy theorist.


10:49 – asher roth looks like a clown, but i do love college.

11:07 – not gonna lie. i threw up in my mouf.

11:20 – “eleanor is insecure about her body, that’s why she won’t look at anyone”

11:22 – I don’t want to cut off my arm because it gets stuck under a rock.

11:26 – peace bitches, it’s baileys’ time.

11:42 – i thought katy perry and zoey deschanel were the same person.

10:58 (am) – i woke up in a snuggie and it feels like someone repeatedly punched me in the leg, but i’m without hangover.  mlifa.  four loko(s) win.


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