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sweet dee drops knowledge all over everybody's ass.

wrap your minds around this.

It has come to my attention as of late that I am the only one writing (and quite possibly reading) the prediction blog that has been a pet project for the past couple of months.  It didn’t start that way, but over time ADD set in, and predicting political scandals, fighting, and abortion practices in the 21st century, became too much of a time commitment for some.  I’m not mad.  I understand that some people choose to put work, giving back to the community, and/or having a life before dressing their personal opinions and rants as statistical analyses and presenting them to the world as predictions which should be taken well above face value.  I, however, am not those people.  That being said, I will continue to make the usual predictions, that are known and loved, on the step-sister site, whowouldjesuspick, but in addition argue, rant, opinionize, complain, and top 10 about a number of other things, that most probably don’t even want to kind of read.  I might even attempt making a mojito, but probably not. You know why? Because this beer is cold. You can tell by the mountains.

Peace out bitches,


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